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Are you and your finance looking forward to a meaningful and happy marriage?

When you are thinking of making the greatest commitment of your life to the one you love, you are smiling and the whole world is smiling with you.  Romance and wedding plans and a wonderful future filled with bliss captures your heart and you can?t wait to spend the rest of your days and nights together.

This is what we all want for you and for a lucky group this will, indeed, be the case.

To invest in making your happiest dream a reality is a very wise decision.

Knowing yourself and who you are going to marry is the best investment you can make for your future happiness.  The commitment you are entering into is a LIFETIME commitment ? NOT something to be taken lightly.

?Our Loving Commitment? is a  Marriage Course which strengthens  your relationship and helps you both to have a deeper understanding of what love and marriage and potentially, a future family, is all about and how it will affect your lives.

The most effective period for couples to do a marriage education program is during the year leading up to their wedding through to 6 months after the wedding.

?Our Loving Commitment? is designed to bring you even closer together and to teach you to communicate in a loving, free and respectful way with your future spouse, no matter what the issue.

?Our Loving Commitment? course is the greatest gift you can give to each other.

I wish all Marriage and Newlywed couples the very best for your future life together.

Aileen Smith  

Why Couples are Encouraged to Do this Course

Statistically one in two marriages in Australia end in divorce.

  • South East Queensland has the highest divorce rate in the country ??Brisbane ? more than 190 marriages dissolved every week in the Federal Magistrates Court.? Courier Mail 02.07.2010
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released Dec.2010 indicate a 4.7% increase in divorces from 2008 to 2009.
  • According to Anne Holland?s, Relationships Australia, people need to ?work harder early in a relationship to cement the union.?  Courier Mail. 02.07.2010

Marriage Education results in more couples achieving long term happy marriages.

The value of Marriage Guidance is immeasurable and as a marriage, family and relationship counsellor with 18 years experience, I would encourage everyone to take the time to ensure that your happiness will be assured for your future marriage.



   Online Course, Saturday Course and      

Private Marriage Counselling


Online Course 

-- Building a Lifetime Foundation -

Only $150.00

An ideal Gift for anyone contemplating Marriage.

Saturday Course 

 Gold Coast

Saturday 9.00am - 4.00pm.

Price $300.00 per couple.

Materials provided ? Our Loving Commitment Work/Guide Booklets

Couple to bring individual writing booklets for individual and personal writings.

Tea and Coffee provided.


For more details or to make a booking please email me at [email protected]

or call me on 55775971 or 0405331575.





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