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CD Download - Let's Talk About Feelings - For Children


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A must for your child's emotional health. This CD shows children how to change sad to happy and how to feel good about themselves no matter what! This CD is a valuable tool for fostering good emotional habits within our children. Knowing how to handle our feelings so that we can cope with all of life's challenges makes a difference between a happy person and an unhappy one. This CD shows children how to change sad to happy, negative to positive and how to feel good about themselves, no matter what! A must for your child's emotional health, this CD is soothing, informative and inspirational. Please give your children the wonderful gift of this loving and very important emotional guidance.

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What Parents Are Saying

I am writing to you with thanks from the bottom of my heart. I came upon your "Let's Talk About Feelings: Affirmations and Visualization for Children at what was an extremely stressful and traumatic for my family and I. It had just come to light that our eldest daughter (13 years old) had been the victim of sexual harm at the hands of an elderly but trusted neighbour. This is devastating news for any parent, and the very first thing on our minds was how we could help our child to come through the experience with as little harm as possible. The process of professional counselling did come, but not on any expeditious timeline.

This is a sad fact indeed. However, a wonderful and powerful godsend came in the form of your CD. From the initial listening, your positive and practical words of wisdom had an instant impact. Rather than spend energy on negativity, your words and strategies helped her to overcome a dreadful sense of shame and guilt. It became empowering in that it showed her how we can take charge of our thoughts and not be defeated by any force of negativity in our lives. This put your product to an "acid test" and it came shining through. I cannot recommend it more highly as a much needed and relevant resource for parents, teachers, counsellors and anyone who has the welfare of our "most precious", our children, at heart.

Yours sincerely,



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