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My Relationship eBooks

'Find True Love'  'Heal Your Heart'


 Special Offer


?Find True Love? only $15.00


?Heal Your Heart? only $10.00


My Special Price for both eBooks is only $17.95.


Dear Friends

In today?s world of loneliness many MILLIONS OF DOLLARS are spent in pursuit of Love. That special person, with whom we long to share our life, continually seems to elude us.

My new eBook has been written to take the hurt, pain and cost out of finding that special person. I will share with you my knowledge and experience acquired over many years of relationship and family counselling.


A Personal Note to You

I have written these eBooks as a guide to help you find true love and happiness in your life.  I believe the insights I have shared will achieve and sustain a wonderful relationship / marriage for you with your ?Right? person.  Enjoy the wisdom in these books and keep the truths close to your most precious gift ? Your Loving Heart.

If you want to Live your Dream with the one you love, my ?Find True Love? eBook will show you how to create that situation in your life.

 With love and respect for your life and happiness



What readers are saying about my eBooks:

From Garth M 2009

I found myself in possession of ?Find True Love? by Aileen Smith around mid 2008. I was in a relationship at the time and my then partner had a copy obtained from a previous meeting with Aileen.

We were going through a rough patch at the time and she handed me the book, and suggested that I read it.

I am open to anything that can improve one?s relationship, so I began reading what Aileen had put down on paper

I read it once and then read it a second time. Each time, getting something new from her pearls of wisdom contained within, as if I was reading it for the first time. I have since read it a number of times and now refer to it from time to time when I need some insight in trying to understand current feelings towards a particular circumstance.

With her insight into relationships, Aileen has written this book in a clear and concise, easy to read manner which enables the reader to relate to their personal circumstances.

I would recommend this book to everyone, no matter their circumstances, and suggest they keep it handy as a powerful tool in understanding themselves and more importantly trying to understand their partner in overcoming conflicts that may arise. Read it together and express to each other what a particular passage in the book means to them.

This is ?THE? best book I?ve ever read on Relationships!!!

Everything I have read in ?Find True Love? is SPOT ON ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS and more importantly about knowing without question when you?re not in the Right One!
If you?re questioning your feelings, READ THE BOOK!! It?s all contained therein. READ THE BOOK!


After reading my eBooks, this is what you'll know.

     1.    How to reconnect with yourself and reclaim your life and destiny.

     2.    How to Change Your Life with your ?Personal Love Guide? at your fingertips.

     3.    Your ?Designer? ingredients for a wonderful relationship and life.

     4.    How to become your best possible self.


My Special eBook



?Heal Your Heart? has the answers you need to totally move forward from the grief and trauma of past relationships in your life.

If you want to move forward and start afresh,  then ?Heal Your Heart? is for you.

Here are some questions we may like to ask ourselves:

                 Am I tired of being hurt?  

                  Am I tired of ending up with the wrong person? 

                  Do I just want someone to TRULY LOVE me?

                  Would I like to enjoy a Life of Love, with my best ever friend?

My eBook provides the insights to Avoid Regrets.

It is designed to:
?Take away your PAIN and replace it with GAIN?

That GAIN will be to reclaim yourself and live your life as a happy, content and self fulfilled person. With the knowledge, practical skills and insights gained from my eBook YOU WILL ATTRACT that loving partner for your life.

From Rebecca

Aileen Smith?s eBook ?Heal Your Heart? is a must read for anyone that feels like giving up on finding ?the one?. After coming out of a destructive long term relationship I was finding it hard to pick myself up and move on with my life. I felt like I couldn?t move forward and that I would have difficulty finding true love and being able to trust again.

"Heal Your Heart?  helped me address my issues and work through them. It made me start looking at the positives in life and made me realise the importance of looking after myself again. After reading "Heal Your Heart? I now know what I?m looking for in my next partner and I feel capable of finding someone who is ?right? for me.

Thanks Aileen for all your words of wisdom. They have inspired me and I?m back to feeling positive and happy about my life.


With this extra information, you will have all bases covered for a love filled and truly happy life. 

   "Find True Love" . "Heal Your Heart"     


My Special Price for both eBooks is only $17.95

 I give you my Personal Guarantee that these books will be the  most important guides for attaining your ENRICHED and LOVING LIFE."

If you have any questions, comments or simply wish to tell me of your life changes, please drop me a note.

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Thank you





The Art of Hugging 

The Art of Hugging is experienced by becoming completely lost and melted into the moment  and stillness of your Hug.

By becoming completely lost in your own state of inner Love.    

It is then that person you are Hugging experiences and receives your gift of energy and state of Love.

 Share a Melting Moment


Big Reductions Family CDs


     Find True Love & Heal Your Heart   Now My Special Price for both eBooks is only $17.95  

How to Raise Happy Children

 ThIS CD is a must GIFT for every household!

How to Raise Happy, Healthy and Successful Children

Usually $29.95

Special Only $13.00

"In this house we all love, respect and help each other so that our home can be a happy one".

This remarkable CD teaches you how to "parent at your best".

Parents learn how to - communicate, make use of limited time, build childrens' confidence, keep them off drugs, out of trouble and create strong family bonds.

You'll learn how to raise a child who is able to show you love, respect and co-operation. You will raise a child who enjoys a challenge and reaches their potential. They will also make intelligent and responsible decisions.

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Let's Talk About Feelings - For Children

A must for your child's emotional health. This CD shows children how to change sad to happy and how to feel good about themselves no matter what!

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