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Dear Aileen, Pat and myself wish to thank you for your time and understanding. When we came to you, we were both ready to give up on our marriage. But thanks to your words of wisdom and fantastic solutions, we have been able to have a happy new begginning. You have really helped our relationship so much, and given me a happier life.... Words cannot describe how much pat and I owe you. We both have a much better understanding of love and what it really means. You have forever changed our lives, so thank you. As Pat says " we now get it" Thank You ps. we love your work and cannot thank you enough... you really are a life saver.

Allison and Pat

Dear Aileen, thanks so much for sharing your marvellous CDs with my family. My daughter Erin, who is now nine, has listened to them all several times over and over, particularly Mrs Hogg's Heart Attack which is her favourite. The small booklet which accompanied each CD has made reading fun for her. Erin has gone from the slow reading class to the advanced reading class as a result of reading along with the characters. After a long day at school, she is happy to read along with the CD, quite often we can hear her singing the songs as well! The colourful characters make us all laugh.

Janice S and Erin



We both found the session with you to be really helpful and it definitely has helped both of us to put our relationship into perspective and see things from the other’s point of view. Things have really improved between us and we are committed to keeping things on track. Thanks Aileen. I have also recommended you to some of my friends and I believe some of them have already been in touch with you. I appreciate your time and your understanding


Counselling with Aileen Smith has been the best money I have ever spent. I now feel that I can totally move on in my life and I thank Aileen for everything she did for me.

Peter J

I would like to tell you that I could not have achieved what I have in this difficult period of my life with out the kindness, professionalism and wisdom you have afforded me. I only wished I have known you during my wife’s illness and when she passed away. I know you could have made that terrible road a smoother one for me. In a sense you have turned my life around and made me really think about myself and what I want for the rest of my life. You made me search my soul and to put myself in other peoples shoes and be consequent of their thoughts and feelings. I have few more steps to go before everything is in place for me but I am sure with your continued very valuable advice and support I will be a winner. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone; in fact I have already have done so. Don’t worry I will sing your praises loud and clear. Apart from your counselling you are a very talented and intelligent person with passion and feeling for all human bearings, especially children trough your CD’s and writings.



Dear Aileen, I thank you for the session, it has done wonders for me. With the help of your advice and your CD- Glam PAM, I CAME AWAY LIKE A NEW WOMAN. Aileen's method is personal and endearing yet at the same time her professional attitude is not lost as she works her magic. I am feeling pretty good these days and your CD has been a blessing. Thanks, Aileen.

mother of three
surviving with a smile

I have been seeing Aileen for counseling for the past few months. During this time, she has listened intently and advised when necessary with patience and sincerity. I cannot thank Aileen enough for the professionalism and care she showed in correctly diagnosing my condition. We both want to thank you for all you have done for us and for me personally, life, work and relationship have never been better.

Cathy - Anxiety and relationship problems

I first saw Aileen 1997 with personal and relationship problems. I found her sincere, knowledgeable and incisive. 2002 after the breakdown of my marriage, I sought her help and guidance again and found she had lost none of her touch. She offered me sound advice to help me cope and move on in my life. I've always found Aileen approachable and ethical.

Tim - Personal and relationship problems

Dear Aileen, your inspiration, encouragement and guidance has changed my life. I will never forget the hardest but most significant ten weeks of my life. I now have the ability to enjoy life to the fullest without external influences all thanks to you. P.S. I'm now in my second week of creative writing classes and loving it!

Kim - Survivor of child sexual abuse



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